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What I do

SEO Strategy

Are you visible to your audience?

Achieving high ranking in the search engine takes time and work. There are many things you could try but without planning, this will be hit and miss. I can help you

Content Personalisation

Are you providing value to your visitors?

Having traffic on your website is only a step closer. Whatever your business model is you need to transform these visits into actions that grow your business.

GDPR Compliance

Are you GDPR compliant?
Ensuring GDPR compliance is crucial for businesses to protect the privacy and personal data of their customers and avoid potential legal and financial consequences.

Website Audit

How is your site performing?

Conducting a website audit is important to identify technical issues, improve user experience, and optimise your website for better search engine rankings.

Custom development

Are you lacking functionalities?

A custom website development offers unique design, advanced functionality, and scalability, providing a tailored online presence that can improve user experience, increase brand recognition and meet specific business needs

Not sure what you need?

That’s ok to be unsure as there are so many things that can be done.
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