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Tree Care Website Design and SEO Case Study: Glavey Tree Experts

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In this Tree Care Website Design and SEO Case Study, we explore the challenges faced by Glavey Tree Experts, a leading name in Tree Care & Consultancy. They had a previous website that did not deliver as expected and was subsequently removed. Starting from scratch, they needed a new, professional-looking website that could generate leads, along with a reliable web hosting provider and email setup.

Challenges Faced in Tree Care Website Design

  • Previous Website Failure: They had a website created before, but it failed to meet expectations and was removed.
  • Lead Generation: The new website needed to be a tool for generating new leads.
  • Professional Appearance: The website had to reflect a professional image that aligned with their industry expertise.
  • Hosting and Email Needs: They required a web hosting provider and professional email addresses.

Solutions Provided for Tree Care SEO and Website Design

  • Website Design: Created a new website from scratch, focusing on a professional appearance that aligns with the tree care industry. This included custom development to ensure a unique design and advanced functionality.
  • Hosting and Environment Setup: Provided hosting and set up the complete environment, including emails, analytics, backups, etc., ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Content Personalisation: Supplied content tailored to Glavey Tree Experts’ specific needs and audience, ensuring that it resonated with potential clients and showcased their expertise.
  • Technical SEO: Worked on technical SEO for every page, aligning with SEO Strategy services to enhance visibility and improve website rankings.
  • Overall SEO Advice: Provided expert advice on overall SEO strategies, leveraging experience in search engine optimisation with big corporations to create a comprehensive SEO plan.

Results Achieved

While it’s too early to present specific metrics, an exciting result was achieved on the very first day the site went live. Eoin, from Glavey Tree Experts, was contacted through the website for a quote, showcasing the immediate impact of the new Tree Care Website Design and SEO strategy.

Client Testimonial

Oliver was super to deal with. He done all that was asked, filled me in on everything, kept me updated and is generally just a real nice guy. You could build a website yourself from a generic template but the difference with Oliver is that he understands SEO. It's pointless having a website if it's not ranked. Oliver's background is in search engine optimisation with big corporations, and this is why I chose him.


This Tree Care Website Design and SEO Case Study illustrates the power of starting fresh with a well-designed website coupled with expert SEO strategies. The immediate lead generation on the first day highlights the effectiveness of the solutions provided. If you’re facing similar challenges and need a tailored solution, start a conversation with us today.

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