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Iwashi Upcycling

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Work required

When Iwashi upcycling owner Delphine contacted me, she was in need to extend the existing platform to include an online shop.

The work to be completed needed to fit within the design already implemented and the main requirements were

  • Ability to sell product.
  • Ability to extend product selection with custom options.
  • Ability to pay online.
  • Use of categories to dynamically update pages.
  • Adding specific information to products in a consistent manner.


What was done


As the existing platform was developed in WordPress, I implemented the WooCommerce plugin to create the online shopping part.
We then work on the catalog and single product pages design to integrate the existing style.
A strategy for the use of categories was created to ensure we could easily display existing products but also create options for incoming ideas.

Online payment

Stripe ( online payment option was implemented, tested and deployed.

Custom developement

A custom plugin was created to help adding extra information onto the products as well as reducing the amount of plugin to install to perform basic tasks. This reduce the time to maintain the site and ensure a tailored experience for the site owner.

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