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Lencon ICF: A Case Study in Comprehensive Website Development and SEO Strategy

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In the competitive landscape of modern construction, Lencon ICF stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality. With over 55 years of combined experience, this family-owned enterprise has carved out a niche in the industry, specialising in Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) solutions. Serving Dublin, Kildare, Meath, and greater Leinster, Lencon’s expertise in creating energy-efficient, high-quality ICF builds has made them a trusted name in sustainable construction.

Approached with a challenge to not only complete an unfinished website but also to craft an online presence that mirrors their commitment to excellence, Lencon ICF sought a partner that could encapsulate their comprehensive knowledge and broad experience in a digital format. Fully insured and certified, with a reputation for executing construction projects with exceptional quality, Lencon required a web solution that would not only serve as a portfolio of their expansive capabilities but also as a lead-generating engine optimised for today’s digital landscape.

Musketeer Computing stepped into this role with a dual promise: to bring the unfinished Lencon ICF website to life and to ensure it stood as a testament to their expertise and dedication to energy-efficient building solutions.

Challenges Faced by Lencon ICF

Lencon ICF, a specialist in energy-efficient building, faced a significant hurdle: their website was unfinished, leaving their online presence lacking. The site’s state didn’t match the company’s reputation for quality and innovation in ICF construction.

They needed an online space that could effectively showcase their expertise and engage potential customers. Without this, Lencon ICF was missing vital opportunities for lead generation and online engagement, the keys to growing their business in the competitive construction industry.

The challenges were multifaceted.

  • Unfinished Website Development: Lencon ICF was left with an incomplete website, hampering their ability to effectively showcase their services and expertise online.
  • Inadequate Representation: The existing digital platform did not adequately reflect Lencon’s high standards of quality and their focus on innovative, NZEB-compliant ICF homes.
  • Lead Generation: With an underperforming website, Lencon ICF was missing out on potential leads, crucial for business growth in the highly competitive construction industry.
  • Digital Marketing Void: The absence of a structured SEO strategy and online marketing presence meant Lencon ICF was not leveraging the full potential of digital channels to reach and engage their target audience.

Lencon ICF needed a reliable partner to turn their vision into a dynamic online presence—a partner who could not only finish building their website but also strengthen it with effective SEO and social media strategies.

Solutions Provided by Musketeer Computing

Recognising the pivotal role of a strong online presence, Musketeer Computing devised a multi-pronged approach to transform Lencon ICF’s website into a lead-generating asset:

  • SEO-Driven Website Development: We undertook the completion of the website with an SEO-first approach, ensuring that every page was built to maximise visibility and attract the right audience.
  • Content Optimisation: Working closely with Lencon ICF, we developed and fine-tuned the website content to resonate with both their brand and search engines.
  • Social Media Integration: To extend their reach, we integrated and optimised their Google My Business and Facebook pages, setting a foundation for robust online engagement.
  • Empowering Self-Promotion: We provided Lencon ICF with the tools and know-how for self-promotion, including clear guidelines on how to effectively use their new digital platforms.

Through these tailored solutions, Musketeer Computing not only completed Lencon ICF’s website but also positioned it as a central piece of its digital marketing strategy.

Results Achieved

Right after launch, the new Lencon ICF website began to make a difference. The client was delighted with the look and feel of the site, which now correctly represents their brand online.

Early feedback points to a better user experience and more interactions on their website and social media. Even without hard numbers yet, the signs are promising that the site will attract more business for Lencon ICF in the coming months.

Client Testimonial

We are really impressed with our finished website and all the assistance we have received from Olivier Florentin. We feel that he has gone above and beyond to design our website and to make sure that we are happy and informed. The communication has been great, and everything has felt very easy for us. We would definitely recommend Musketeer Computing and Olivier Florentin.


Through expertly tackling Lencon ICF’s web development and SEO challenges, Musketeer Computing has not only delivered a solution but also a strategic partnership that elevates Lencon’s digital identity. This case study serves as a beacon for what Musketeer Computing stands for: not just technical proficiency, but a dedicated ally in the journey towards digital excellence. If you’re seeking to craft an online presence that resonates with both quality and innovation, let Musketeer Computing be your guide to the forefront of digital marketing and web development.

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